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Must Have Been Thinkin’ ‘Bout Drinkin’

Hey, folks!  It just occurred to me that on May 17th, we will celebrate our 4-year anniversary of mountain home ownership! The time has flown by, and so have the changes.  So…I thought it might be fun to do before … Continue reading

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Two Tales…

The first tale is about two Dads, Greg’s and mine respectively.  Greg’s Dad turned 90 on Saturday, April 4th.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, 15 of his family members, including his two children and their spouses, three grandchildren, and 5 … Continue reading


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Hello, Again!

Finally! I can take a breather and compose a new post.   Yep, there’s been a lot of “doing” around here, with the brain firmly parked in neutral, so as not to overthink any of the design decisions that have already … Continue reading

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I Dyed on Vacation (Again!)

Sorry for the delay between posts.  We were on vacation the last week in February, and upon returning home, I have been busy painting walls and cabinets in our basement apartment. (That process will be chronicled in future blog entries.) … Continue reading

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Howdy, Neighbor!

Have you ever heard of Brian Patrick Flynn?  Well I hadn’t, until one Sunday about a year ago.  For some reason, on that particular morning, I felt the need to read the AJC (Atlanta Journal & Constitution). So we drove … Continue reading

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Post-Holiday Ruminations

I “filly-fart” around a lot.  There are several reasons for this phenomenon.  First, my medical condition has exacerbated my ADHD tendencies.  Second, because I am relegated to a wheelchair most of the time, I sit down a lot, and that … Continue reading

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Enough With the Water, Already!!!

January 7, 2015 For those of you faithful readers of this blog from its infancy, you will remember all of the plumbing problems we had when we moved into the mountain house. They were so bad that I dubbed this … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Meaning of Home

I recently heard (or read) that today’s young adults have little interest in home ownership. One reason given had a lot to do with the economy (which is understandable). The other reason is the desire to be mobile, i.e., not … Continue reading

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Next year, Chinet??? 😳

(Before I get rolling on this new missive, please accept my apologies for the extremely poor photography in the previous post.  I am definitely out of practice with the picture taking aspect of blogging, and my resolution (pun unintended) is … Continue reading

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Our Someday (Maybe?) Holiday House

  Monday, December 15 Hello, dear readers!  You are now in the beautiful northwest Georgia mountains. We sit on 7-1/2 acres of land that is covered in oaks, maples, dogwood, hemlocks, mountain laurel, rhododendrons, and white pine. Our property is surrounded … Continue reading

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