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Another peek…

Hi, there! Here is the monthly (or so it seems) edition of my blog.  Think I’m a slug? Well, here is one of two things you should know about me: If I don’t have anything to say, nothing gets pubished.  … Continue reading

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Tray Chic!

Betcha think I’ve been lolling around on a chaise, popping bon-bons in my mouth!  Not a chance.  I have been very busy, but by the lack of blog posts, you would never know it. Now that the rain has stopped … Continue reading

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Two Surgeries in One Day!

Dad had surgery to repair his abdominal aneurysm on Friday, 4/17.  I am so grateful to report that he made it through with flying colors, with his sense of humor still intact.  Upon arriving in his room after a stint … Continue reading

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Hello, Again!

Finally! I can take a breather and compose a new post.   Yep, there’s been a lot of “doing” around here, with the brain firmly parked in neutral, so as not to overthink any of the design decisions that have already … Continue reading

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Getting it Done on a Shoestring!

Silence for over several weeks.  Must be thinking…”what’s with this woman? Either she posts daily, or she goes silent for days”!  Well, my excuse is that for a change, I’ve been doing more than I’ve been thinking.  In fact, yesterday, … Continue reading

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