Back on Track!

Life is returning to something approaching normal, now that my Dad is home, and on the mend. His strength is returning, he spends more time sitting in a chair than lying in bed, and his appetite is good.  In fact, Greg and I are now able to slip away for an occasional happy hour session, and we can now resume our dining-out routine on Friday nights.

Our home improvement projects are even getting back on track. Our bedroom is starting to look like a place you might feel safe spending the night in. Greg just finished installing pine wainscoting to the walls, and finishing trim around the doors & window.  I have added some homemade art,on the walls, and cannot wait to start sewing the widow treatment,  a large settee cushion cover, a chair slipcover, and a bunch of throw pillows.  Here is a “before” picture that you can compare with a teaser shot of a corner of the room that is totally finished:



On Pinterest, I found a picture of a dresser that was designed by


It looked so similar to ours, and I loved the pattern of upholstery tacks the were added to the piece.  So, I copied the look, and really like the way it dresses up a nondescript dresser. (Did I create a pattern to create the look? Well, I tried, but it was not helpful, so as usual, I eye-balled it. Looks like the original used the same technique, too!) I also love the mirror over the original piece.  LeeAnn gave me a mirror frame that looks very similar. In my spare time, I plan on pickling it, and having a beveled mirror installed.

Three of our most favorite pieces of folk art reside on our dresser. They are raku pottery masterpieces, handmade by the late Mary Garber.  The animals are called Pogs, because they look like a cross between pig and dog (with, in my humble opinion, more than a little bit of hippo thrown in).

This little guy with the beach ball was an anniversary gift from daughter Jen:


Then there is the purple piano player, complete with wine bottles and cigar:


My favorite piece is the pair of Pogs in a red wagon.


That piece was purchased in at the Zoo Gallery shop in Key West, and was my 10th anniversary gift to Greg.  I decided it was apropos, since these  Pogs are howling happy, having a great time, and thoroughly “enjoying the ride”.  Pretty much the way I felt about our union, then and now. (As an aside, while on vacation in Florida several years ago, we visited a Zoo Gallery shop in Grayton Beach, and there was an unusually large Pog statue on display. The salesperson said that since Ms. Garber had died, it was one of the last available pieces for sale.  How many times have I kicked myself for not purchasing it?  I have lost count…)

I love the dark blue walls juxtaposed with the white accents. The only  other accent color that will be added to this simple palette is a sunflower yellow-gold.

There is one last major construction project to complete the room. I am really excited to see how the room looks when we replace the traditional entrance door with a barn door.

You will see more of our bedroom’s progress as it evolves. This post is about proffering proof that my blog is back on track. I will revive my mission statement, so please stay tuned!


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I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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