“Ketchup” Time


Isn’t this the truth?

Well, this is a “ketchup” blog post. Even to me, it seems like forever since my last entry. One of the reasons for the delay is that Greg and I were on vacation the week of August 22nd. We stayed in the Florida panhandle town of Seaside, which is a quaint little venue like no other. It is full of great restaurants, million dollar “cottages”, an outdoor ampitheater & an oudoor marketplace called Perspicacity. And of course, it boasts one of the world’s best beaches:



We rented a guest cottage that was part of a larger property. Since this is our only alone time of the year, we always opt for 1-bedroom accommodations, and have always been pleased with our stays. That is, until this year. Our choice of properties was awful! For instance, the interior of the cottage had not been painted in (my estimate) 10 years, the floor tile was cracked, the kitchen was ill-equipped and ugly, the bathrooms sported leaky faucets, and the downstairs toilet flushed hot water constantly. (Sitting on that toilet was a bit unnerving; the bowl was hot, and it felt like a powder keg that would blow at any moment!  ;>()

The master bedroom was okay, but the floor was white painted plywood, with black nails used to tack it down, and in lieu of a closet, there were wooden pegs on the walls. Unfortunately, when you tried to hang something on them, they would fall off the wall!

Needless to say, we have lodged a formal complaint with the rental agency, and are awaiting a reply. However, lest you think that the problems with our accommodations ruined our vacation, you would be mistaken. The weather was perfect; we did not encounter any rain, and some days there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Also, the kids were back in school, so the property was so quiet. Most days, we had the entire adult pool to ourselves.

We did a lot of this:



And a whole lot of this:


No families with kids meant no waiting times at our favorite restaurants. Our first morning there, we had brunch at the fabulous Great Southern Café in Seaside (whose motto is “good grits”, and yes, of course I bought a t-shirt ;>). I had a fried green tomato eggs Benedict with smoked gouda grits that was out of this world. The rest of the week, I feasted on crab cakes!

We ate a lot, drank our fair share of wine, slept in, read books, and watched the sun go down from the third floor deck on our cottage (it’s only saving grace!)


And as much as we love our mountains, there’s a piece of us that now feels like this:


And by February, this will certainly be true!


Another “ketchup” item: Faith is finally is Georgia, living with her Nana (LeeAnn)! Her brother opted to stay in Virginia with his uncle. Thankfully, the state of Virginia’s Child & Family Services finally gave the green light for her to travel here on August 4th, just in time to start school on August 5th! She is so lovely. Below is a picture of her on the first day of school:


and on school picture day:


Apparently, living in Georgia agrees with her.  On her first report card, she scored all As & Bs!

And the final “ketchup” item is what I accomplished before vacation. (Hint: Not a lot, unless you consider doing 4 weeks of ironing worthy of consideration.) The only big, creative spurt (sputter?) I had, resulted in fixing the framing of a print I purchased at a local thrift store that benefits pet adoption services. I loved the art, but the dark matting, surrounded by a thin, white, badly painted, embossed wooden frame, reminded me (alright, I know this is a weird comparison) of a man wearing white socks with dark sandals (trust me; it’s a Boston thing!) Unfortunately, I forgot to take the pic before I removed the frame :>{


So I thought it would be a piece of cake to just flip the mats and cover the frame. However, upon opening the frame & removing the print, it became clear that the print and its matting were glued together, in a bond that would never come asunder. OK, it was time for a Plan B. I got out my trusty paints, and painted the large navy blue mat a light gray (still not sold on the color, but it is what it is). On the inner, pine green mat, I used a gold Sharpie-like pen to add a hint of bling. The frame received my usual torn paper bag treatment, which I stained a dark color prior to clear-coating. I really like the results:



While on vacation, I thought of all the things I wanted to do to our downstairs apartment. It is so messy down there, primarily because not all of the new cabinets have been installed (due to the eternal plumbing work that must be competed). Upon returning home, however, the reality of the energy required to accomplish all of my wish list items left me defeated before I even got going. As usual, the Minions express my thoughts so perfectly!


However, after pushing aside the mental whining, last week, I finished painting the downstairs kitchen/living area walls. I am also refinishing 2 chairs (Greg’s hand-me-down classic wood desk chair, and a unique hand-made chair that sported a hideous streaky brown finish; Greg’s sister & her husband bequeathed it to us. Pics to follow…

It’s had to believe that summer is over. For those of you who are bummed at the thought, this is a reminder of the beauty that awaits:



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3 Responses to “Ketchup” Time

  1. latweety6961 says:

    Loved the “ketchup “! Sorry to hear your accommodations were disappointing but glad your vacation was still very delightful! Beautiful views! XOXOXO


  2. Great post, wonderfully illustrated with minion memes! I have to say I think I prefer Autumn although Summer has its perks!


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