I Dyed on Vacation (Again!)

Sorry for the delay between posts.  We were on vacation the last week in February, and upon returning home, I have been busy painting walls and cabinets in our basement apartment. (That process will be chronicled in future blog entries.)

Our vacation, as many are, was a mixed bag of blessings and frustrations.  Luckily, the good stuff outweighed the bad, but in a nutshell, this is what transpired:

Good:  Leaving home just in time to escape the freezing rain, sleet, & 6” of snow that left many of our neighbors without power for several days. (Because of last year’s flooding fiasco, Greg DID turn off the water before we departed!)

Bad:  Arriving in Hilton Head to lousy weather.  The best day we had was Sunday, and everything, including the temperature and the moisture, went downhill from there.  (Greg & Dad brought their golf clubs, but they never saw the saw the light of day.  The thought of teeing off in windy, wet, 45 degree temperatures was not very enticing!)


Good:  Celebrating Reese’s 2nd birthday on Sunday. Because the weather was good, the boys were able to visit their favorite place on Sea Pines, a beautiful farm where they love to feed the resident horses some carrots.  :>}

iphone mar14 008


Bad:  Jen picking out Reese’s birthday cake, which sported a Ninja Turtle motif; it was covered in Crisco-laden dark blue and green frosting.  We all had to eat it.  :>{


Good:  Eating lots of wonderful seafood, and finding some new restaurants that we loved.

Bad:  Eating too much!  When you are bored, you tend to munch.  I unfortunately gained back 3 of the 30 pounds I lost over the last year on the Atkins diet.  So far, they are still with me.  :>(

Good:  Relaxing a lot.  My sister and I had plenty of time to catch up on each other’s lives (she lives in Connecticut, and was so grateful to see sand instead of snow, for a few days!) over glasses of wine.


Bad:  Getting bored after several days of inactivity.  So….to liven things up, I bought a box of L’Oreal color, and I dyed my hair RED!  The result was a color not found in nature.  (Note:  Last year’s Hilton Head vacation was a similar meteorological mess.  When sufficiently bored, I bought a box of L’Oreal color that produced the brassiest yellow highlights you have ever seen!)

(No Pics Available, EVER!!!)

Good:  Spending a week with our grandsons, our daughter, and our son-in-law.  It was such a treat to be able to dine with them every day, and wonderful to hear Riley recount their daily adventures.  Or to see Reese, strutting his stuff, while sporting the fedora that he picked out for himself at the outlet mall.


Bad:  Thinking about how quickly Riley and Reese are growing, and wishing they could stay this age for just a few more family vacations.

Good:  Greg getting a break from working with Bear, (who is being professionally trained not to be a knucklehead!) 3 times a day, on behavior commands.

Bad:  Greg desperately missing Bear, and their workout and joyride times together.


Priceless:  In closing, the picture that sums up this year’s family vacation, that will forever be burned into my memory and my heart, is this one, of “Pop” walking down the beach, followed by Reese, whose little legs just couldn’t quite catch up!


Yes, it was a wonderful week

P.S.  I am aware that the quality of these photos is not great. Anybody out there have better luck taking pics of 2 & 5 year old little boys? I didn’t think so!  ;>)



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