Moving On Before I Lose IT!

Well, dear readers, the kitchen still isn’t finished, and my frustration with the delays is at an all-time high. Many, but not all, of the cabinets are installed.  None of the “uppers” have doors, and the pantries have no shelves. It seems that the hardware that is needed to make the drawers slide was late in shipping, and the cabinet door maker did an “oops” on another job, so that put him really behind on our job.  However, I am assured that the installation will be completed this week. (It’s Groundhog Day in Ellijay…)  Maybe we’ll have pictures of the completed remodel to unveil, by Christmas.

Greg is installing the tile backsplash. It looks nice, but the tile colors are more muted than they looked in the showroom.  Clearly, their lighting is better than ours.  Speaking of lighting, Greg figured out how to retrofit the installation of under cabinet lighting, which will help a lot, since we lost 2 ceiling spots with the new layout.  And oh, the light & heat that the 2 halogen lamps contained in the new over-the-stove hood give off!   Sunscreen is advised if you stand near them for any length of time.

To cope with all of the kitchen frustration, I thankfully, have plenty of furniture painting to do for LeeAnn’s grandchildren. Faith asked LeeAnn on their weekly scheduled phone call last week, if she was doing “everything that the courts ask her to do, so she can get them back”. LeeAnn was told that the kids were not to be told about her petition for guardianship, but somebody spilled the beans!  So she assured Faith that yes, she is doing everything in her power to bring her & Justin “home”, and also mentioned that work was being done to fix up their bedrooms.

That story touched me so deeply. With every brush stroke, I try to imagine that little girl’s face when she sees her room for the first time. I just finished the dresser that Dad bought at the thrift store. Here’s what it looked like before (minus its drawer pulls):


And here is the after:


(Yes, that is a MOUNTAIN of ironing you see in the background.  Some wise person once said:  “Imagine how creative I’d be, if it wasn’t for housework”!)

I volunteered Dad to help me clean up the tarnished pulls:


Cleaning the old brass turned out to be more than a mere little task. It took hours of soaking them in Brasso, then scrubbing them with a toothbrush! After they were clean, Dad then rubbed them with mineral oil, to protect the shine. Halfway through the process, he turned to me and asked why I always assigned him the crappy (not exactly the word he used!) jobs?  Well, Dad, that’s what you get for asking if I “need help with anything”!

As we put the pulls back on, I realized what a difference the metal cleaning process made to the finished product. Design is all about the little details, and sometimes, adding those details can be more tedious & time consuming than the project as a whole. But they are so worth it.  Sort of like a gorgeous necklace paired with a little black dress.

Now, I must tell you that the paint I used on this dresser was a first for me. If you are even slightly into DIY, I am sure you have heard about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint & Finishing Wax.  There are so many pluses to using it on furniture, the most important being that no sanding &/or priming are required before you start painting. That is a HUGE timesaver, and there is no job I detest more than priming! This paint is very durable, and easy to apply.  The con is the price: $40 a pint!  That line item will not be in my budget now or ever.

Thankfully, one of my favorite blogs,, published a recipe for homemade chalk paint that works like a charm, and is very inexpensive to make. Here it is


The only hassle was not being able to find the calcium carbonate locally, so I ordered a 20-lb. bag from amazon for under $20. I really don’t foresee a reorder of that ingredient in my lifetime…  ;>)

I decided not to use the finishing wax on the chalk paint, which will no doubt horrify real chalk paint devotees.  Nope.  A couple of coats of Varathane over the last coat of paint, and the job was done. (Note: I found that it works best if you lightly sand the painted surfaces, before applying any liquid protective coating.)

Well, it was finished, except for one little detail. I really wanted to add something unique to make this piece of furniture more than “just a white dresser”.  So I added a decal to the top middle drawer, and I think “it’s just the ticket”.  Faith apparently is not a girly-girl, so I chose something with a woodland theme.  Since her room is going to be yellow, blue & white, I think it will look great.

In closing, if you love gorgeous furniture, you must check out the blog that I mentioned above. The author paints some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful pieces I have ever seen.  I can only hope to produce such treasures in the future.

Have a great HUMP DAY!


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I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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2 Responses to Moving On Before I Lose IT!

  1. Wonderful! The “new” one it’s so beautiful. Love it.


  2. Lee Ann says:

    I am so blessed to have Vicki in my life. You should see the dresser in “real life”! It really is gorgeous and is just full of character. Vicki has a way of making things cone to life.


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