A Bear Update, & a Little Local Color

I took this pic of him last night.  Our “puppy” is soon to be 6 months old.  He is either running full bore, or he is crashed on the couch, or in our bed.  Looks to me like he was resting up for his first Halloween:


If the above picture required a title, three come to mind:

1.  Grandmother, Grandmother, what big teeth you have!

2.  To sleep; perchance to dream?

3.  It’s been a hard day’s night & I’ve been working like a dog!  :>O

Bear’s fatigue is caused mostly by running up & down the ravine adjacent to the driveway, foraging for junk.  You see, the former owner of our house was not exactly a Greenpeace kind of guy.  In fact, the world was pretty much his trash can, much to Bear’s delight!  (We acquired the land in question, which was not part of the house purchase, in April, by paying the back taxes on the 5+ acres.  However, it won’t officially be ours until 1 year has elapsed, at which time we will have a waste company clean it up.)

Until then, we never know what Bear is going to bring through the doggy door.  To date, our house has been decorated with old shoes, beer bottles, landscaping pots, dirt & water-filled aluminum cans (it’s like Christmas when he finds one of those!), various pieces of charred wood, and rubber gloves.  By the way, he attempts to eat all of the above, and actually succeeds, more often than not.  I’m sure you have all seen this humorous picture:

2014-07-19 05.23.11

All I can say is, that little crayon eater is a piker compared to our pup, who wakes up many mornings with “indigestion”.  There is absolutely nothing like the sound of your dog “ralphing” in your bed.  The other morning, he threw up part of a yellow rubber glove.  Seconds later, a yellow rubber finger made its appearance, but before I could grab it and pull it out, it went back down the hatch, never to be heard from again.  Very scary.

On a happier note, we did go into town last weekend with the goal of taking scarecrow pics.  The tourist traffic was so thick, however, that we couldn’t get close enough to get good shots. The best pic of all was taken on a side street, where my favorite antique shops reside.


FYI: Ellijay is a self-proclaimed “quaint little drinking town with a big antiquing problem”.

Happy fall, y’all!


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I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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