When life deals you Lyme…

it takes the zest out of everything.

Yes, folks, the results are in, and I DO have Lyme disease. It is the diagnosis that I suspected, but it is not a happy one.  The bright spot in all of this is that I may, someday, after a heavy regimen of antibiotics, be mobile without using a wheelchair, and maybe even walk without the aid of a laser cane!  Que sera…

Lyme disease is a worldwide pandemic, with thousands of people being diagnosed every day. It is only curable if it is caught in the early onset stage. For those of us with the chronic version, there is no cure at this time.  Even after using the meds, the spirochete that causes Lyme symptoms is able to hide, go dormant, and then pop up at a later time.

For anyone who is  interested in learning more about Lyme disesase, I found an excellent article online:


Beware, my Southern friends. At one time, it was believed that the southern states did not harbor the Lyme tick.  That is not true; the South has one of the fastest growing disease populations in the US! Take care when you go outdoors, & know the symptoms of this hideous disease.  By the way, the CDC (Corrupt Disease Control) guidelines for testing and treatment of Lyme are way off the mark.  Their non-support of anything to do with Lyme disease is the reason that many insurance companies refuse to cover its treatment.  Many patients are going bankrupt trying to finance their own treatments. Personally, in addition to the meds, I will be receiving bi-monthly IV treatments at $250 a pop, out of pocket!

On a happier note, it is almost the week-end, there is a definite nip in the air, and life is good!


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I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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  1. Eduardo Toseto says:


    Never give up….and think always positive. I told you I was late with my emails….I just read this one today… Eduardo


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