Bringing you up to date…

Ok…it’s time to do the whirlwind review of what has occurred in our mountain abode since I abandoned writing this blog. As you recall, I have a mystery disease that has robbed me of my ability to walk, among other things. Discouragement over health concerns robbed me of the joy that I normally feel when I write from the heart. Who wants to read depressing stuff, anyway?

So I quit the blog & did not renew my domain. Lately, though, I have been subscribing to the blogs of some remarkably talented, creative people. They inspire me so much…and they helped me realize it was time for me to get back in the game again. So, before we can talk about what’s going on now, you need to know what has transpired since the “big silence” occurred.

Here is the whirlwind version of what our mountain family has been up to:

Dad: He turned 88 in August. In April, he tripped over an uneven board, fell, and broke his hip. The location of the break required the insertion of a titanium rod into his leg, which made for a longer recovery than if they could have just replaced his hip. He was so determined to be up & walking without a cane, that he religiously followed his physical therapist’s orders, and he was walking, minus a cane, in June! [I am reminded that being a “cuppa dost” (hard-headed) Italian has its benefits.]. Additionally, his multiple myeloma is in remission, and his oncologist says his counts are the best he’s seen since Dad has been his patient. This is all good, and we thank God daily for his continued strength and vigor.

Greg: Is still commuting to work up 2 flights of stairs. He works for a 3-person company that develops risk management software. They just acquired their first paying customer (hooray!), so he’s feeling quite optimistic about the viability of the company and their product offering.

Max: Our most wonderful puppy buddy in the world passed away, at the age of 13-1/2 years on June 3rd. He chewed (no, make that INHALED) a bone that perforated his intestines. Even though the emergency vet warned us that he probably wouldn’t survive the surgery, we decided to give him every chance of recovery, so we went ahead with the operation. He did survive the procedure, but developed sepsis several days later, and had to be put down. Let me just say that Greg & I didn’t know that our bodies could produce as much liquid as we released when he died. He will always be in our hearts, and the little urn containing his ashes resides on the mantel, making us feel like he is still close by.

Pip: Although he pretended not like his older brother, our grouchy adopted dog was devastated when Max was no longer there for him to bully. Last year, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He gets shots (delivered by Greg) twice a day. He is quite blind now, which is a result of that nasty disease. He does surprisingly well using the “braille method” of motoring around, although the bottom stairs are increasingly giving him difficulty…

Me: I had an initial visit with a holistic doctor in Marietta (an Atlanta ‘burb). I like her so much, and feel that if anybody can help figure out what is going on with my body, she will do it. 20 vials of blood taken and sent off to the lab is a good start. Should have the results back on October 27. You’ll be the first ones to know the results!

The Atlanta house: Sold on February 22nd to a wonderful couple with young twin girls. They love that house as much as I did, so I am glad to leave it in good hands. As sad as I was to let it go, having one mortgage again, and a single set of all the expenses that are part of home ownership, is such a relief!

Bear: Is the newest member of our family. When Max left us, we were so devastated (Greg was really affected by the loss; he and Max were inseparable). I knew that we needed another dog right away. So, I spent a week of sleepless nights searching the internet for THE DOG. On the Saturday after Max’s death, I found him at an animal shelter outside of Atlanta. I told Greg we had to be at the shelter before it opened the next day; I didn’t want to lose him to an eager beaver who was also captivated by this dog’s mug shot.

Spongebob Squarepants (1)Long story short, the 3-month old pup known to the shelter as “Spongebob Squarepants” was in the car motoring back to Ellijay with us later that afternoon.  Job one was a name change. By the time he emerged from to car to check out his new digs, he was Bear. (I know…”no Moose or Bear this home shall wear”? Another lesson learned…)

Bear was listed as a “terrier”. He weighed 28 pounds when we got him. We tried to ignore that he had feet the size of softballs. Three months later, he is 50 pounds, and has clearly still got lots of room to grow into those feet! I have decided that he is primarily a Portugese Water Dog (he doesn’t shed & has webbed paws) mixed with a square-jawed terrier (like a Scottie or Schnauzer). He has a wonderful personality, but is extremely strong-willed. It’s difficult to discipline a dog that thinks all punishment is fun! The worst part of dealing with this baby elephant is the teething. He chews everything, including my brand new Safavieh wool area rug and bedroom area rugs, our new wood blinds, my shoes, upholstery, and even my eyeglasses! (I thought that crunching noise was a puppy chew, but it was the sound of metal frames and glass lenses giving up the ghost to giant canine teeth!). Hopefully, this phase will exit quickly, or our belongings will be few and far between.

I think that is about all of the news about the family. Next time, we take a look at the house. G’night!


About vkroo

I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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  1. Eduardo Toseto says:


    Nice to see that you are back to business……continue writing your stories and thoughts….you do it very very well.

    See you by the end of the month Eduardo


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