The “Dad Pad”

As mentioned in an earlier post, getting Dad’s en suite finished is our first priority.  I have been painting for 2 days and haven’t made it to the bedroom yet!  But those who know me best understand how much I enjoy painting.  I put on some tunes, and find that dipping the brush (I only paint with a brush!) in a bucket of color, and applying it to a wall is a great source of enjoyment and, yes, relaxation.

Working on the master suite has allowed me to tap my inner hippie.  You see, up here in the hills, we don’t have a wide variety of radio stations to choose from.  In fact, only one reaches us from Atlanta really clearly; it is all “classic rock”:  “91.7 the
RIVER”!  That would not be my first choice of stations to listen to, but surprisingly, I find myself falling in love with Jim Morrison all over again, and the sounds of Boston, Bob Seeger, Queen, and Van Morrison seem quite right for this moment in time.

The master suite is strangely nice.  I say that because the first time I saw it, I
was impressed with its size, but not so sure about the “architecture”.  It effectively spans the entire width of the right side of the house, and consists of a huge bedroom and walk-in closet, a master bath with a shower, and a corner whirlpool tub, and a huge room off of the bathroom that was used as a laundry room, that even has a built-in ironing board.  (I told Dad that since he now owns that nifty feature, he can do all of the ironing.  He did not find that amusing at all.  I think he plans on ripping it out the first chance he gets!) This laundry space has a door that exits to the screened porch, so it will become the master closet.  The original closet will be boarded up from the bedroom, giving Dad more continuous wall space for arranging his furniture.

An opening will be cut in the main hallway, so everyone can access that
closet and use it for coats and vacuum storage. That was Greg’s idea…he really
is spatially gifted, and comes up with great ways to re-purpose space.  Our laundry room, for right now, resides downstairs in a full bath that contains washer and dryer hook-ups.

Back to the strangely nice part of the suite.  It is painted scarlet red.  Not a bad color, but certainly not a relaxingcolor for a bedroom.  It also has half-columns attached to each side of the wall, halfway down the middle of the room.  And it sports stacked
stone rocks over the entrance to the master bath, as well as on a large beam
that spans the width of the room.  Totally unexpected, but not bad, really.
The funny thing about the rocks is that the second time we visited the
house, after having our offer accepted, a “rock slide” had occurred off of the
beam, and stones were everywhere.  The maintenance people threw them under the front porch; Dad just retrieved them today and plans to re-install them; they are his pride and joy!

So the bedroom is going from cabaret red to Dad’s choice, a
Sherwin Williams color called “Tidewater Blue”. The color looks just like the
name implies. It’s a very soothing, pale shade and it looks particularly nice
with the black-gray stone.  With any luck, the painting will be completed this weekend, and Dad can arrange for the movers to transport his furniture to Ellijay.

Pics of the finished project to follow.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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I am passionate about writing, as well as design/DIY/decorating. I decided to combine these skills in a blog, that describes the joys and challenges of transforming a shaggy, baggy elephant of a mountian house into a stunning home.
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